Elementary School of Olaias

The teacher and her students from Elementary School from Olaias (Lisbon - Portugal) shown a tremendous care about animal welfare and its visible on their work.
We congratulate the teacher Teresa Ramos and her students for the courage to fight for this cause and their care above the 
average. They will be great owners one day, no doubt.
After all, they are the generation of the future.
With their dedication, they raise 130euros, which were transferred to our bank account <3
This money paid, today, the surgery of Ruby, who had to amputated his tail due to an human dis-care.
They are the godparents fo Ruby.
Thank you so much to
 Ana Mafalda Oliveira, Sonali Lacmane, Telma Rodrigues, Iasmin Souza, Inês Rafael, Alexandre Coelho, Romini Narotamo, Afonso Monteiro, Daniel Silva and Ana Rita Abreu. You're an example to follow. Thank you for existing.

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