Last February, Madiba was shot several times, including in the spine, which caused him paralysis of the back limbs.
He was operated because the bullet fragmented the bone that prevented him from having movements in the hind legs, but had sensitivity.
The surgery went well and the Madiba began to move the back legs alone, totally by itself. It was amazing to see you <3
Today he is hospitalized for physiotherapy so that he can recover 100%.
The beast that shot him in Quinta do Conde was not discovered :( But we do not give up. Any information is welcome.
We need support to pay for surgery (almost € 1000) and physiotherapy (which costs € 500 a month)
Bianca's bank detaisl:
IBAN PT50003507710001636053029
Bank: Caixa Geral de Depósitos

Paypal: biancageral@gmail.com

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