Once again Madiba...

Madiba was shoot on the back of his spine, some months ago at Quinta do Conde, Sesimbra (Portugal).
The case was delivered to the Public Prosecutor, but the case was closed due to the lack of knowledge of the person who did it. A shoot was heard but the responsible person was never found, only Madiba was there laying on the ground.

A few days after his surgery, Madiba started to walk. First whit his front legs, than the back legs started to move, although very sloppy.
The vet recommended physiotherapy, aquatic physiotherapy, to make his recovery more fast.
This boy has a great will to live!
So we took him to the appointment and treatment at the veterinary hospital.
After 2 treatments, the director of the clinic suggest a very specific blood test because she suspect something else.

Sadly the blood test came positive! Madiba suffers from Degenerative Myelopathy...
This is an uncured illness and he needs exercise to have quality of life, as long he is willing to live.
Without exercise he will became paralyzed...
Madiba is a very happy, strong and full of life dog, so we want to give him a chance while is possible.

When we thought everything was resolved, we got a tremendous chock with this new... Poor Madiba!
Probably this was the reason he was shoot, to kill him :(

The exercise he needs is aquatic physiotherapy, which costs 250€/month.

Madiba needs godmothers and godfathers for his physiotherapy as long he lives with joy.

This is a very special appeal. If you can not help us, please consider sharing it!

See his video here:

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