Poor Aline

Today Paulo was walking Branca on a leash out of our shelter. Then the dog managed to squeeze her neck through the collar and run away!!!
He was following her but she run and run. Rosa did the same, but Branca was escaping. I followed but nothing helped. I called the help of volunteer whom she likes very much but when she came Branca was not around any more and didn't come when she shouted her name. We were exausted!! I went to look for her driving by car and I went to a place where men treat the trash. There I saw a dog, a big dog with her breasts full of milk. I asked the man there where were the puppies he said he had given them away. I asked: you gave away or you killed? My college said to me: it's impossible, he couldn't have given them away, they were too young; I think he killed them.
The dog was very skinny, too much. I suddenly thought: maybe this is the mother of 7 puppies we had found in Quinta do Conde? (because this place belongs to the same company as the place in Quinta do Conde). We put the dog in my car and we took her to the puppies to see if she recognizes them. No, they were not her puppies, they were obviously younger that her puppies should be. Nevertheless we put her inside with the puppies and they drank her milk. It was not a good idea, they wounded her breasts. Poor girl, but she was very lovely with them, she never complaines. I thought it was better not to continue though. The man from the place didn't let us keep the dog, but he took her to our vet. She has a inflation on breast and the vet did the leshmanie test. The vet gave her an anthibiotic, because she has a biggggg otites. Aline will need 1350€ during 6 months for her treatments. We need urgent help. Without support we cannot help animals!

Branca came back to our shelter about 17h. I think she wanted us find to Aline. Nothing happens without a reason!

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